Excellent Service

Hi Ray,

Just checking in to tell you how very beautiful my house looks! Mike and his crew did an excellent job. Mike was so on top of things, always seemed to be one step ahead of me, noticing the lights in the back were a wreck for instance. And on the last day I mentioned I had a bit of gutter that always overflows onto the back patio and he said, oh, I noticed that yesterday and took care of it. Music to my ears!

It is wonderful to have people working on my home who are invested in making it the place I want it to be. As the days get shorter but my work days don’t, coming home to that warm, lovely color every day and having a well-lighted driveway and back stairs are going to make this fall and winter that much nicer for me.

Thanks for the excellent work, and please thank Mike and his team for me as well.

Rachel Egler