Keith J. Landies - President
Residence Artists, Inc. was founded in 1973 and is now owned/operated by Keith and his family, with Keith being the sole owner and president since 1996. As a 1972 Kent State University graduate, Keith worked his way through college painting and hanging drywall in the evenings, on weekends, and during summer breaks. He then went to Max Hayes Wallpaper Trade School and after completing the course, hired the retired wallpaper teacher to help train a crew. They spent 6 years working together in the field and laying the foundation for the Residence Artists of the future. To this day, the painting and wallpapering division of RA remains one of Keith’s passions. In 1981, construction services were added when Keith assembled a group of carpenters to finish a home he was painting because the customer’s original contractor “let him down.” Word spread quickly that RA was now coordinating all facets of general contracting including: home building, remodeling, and service & maintenance work. Through Keith setting high standards of excellence, fostering a customer service driven attitude, and working with talented tradesmen and artists, the “RA family” grew into Northeast Ohio’s premier general contracting company, Residence Artists, Inc. Keith has always valued family and now shares the business with two of his sons. Visit the RA office and you will see pictures of the whole family: Keith’s wife, Diane, their 4 children, and 12 grandchildren